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Barbeque [bahr-bi-kyoo] noun,verb,-qued,-qu-ing derivitive of Barbecue.
noun - a form of cooked meat usually prepared over an open fire or pit, but also including meats that have been smoked or slathered in sauce.
verb - to cook meats over an open fire or pit.
verb - to hang out with friends while preparing and/or eating barbeque.
Who we are: We are everyday people with a passion for great food, music, and alcohol. We opened this restaurant in 2012 so that we could provide a place for like minded people to come and enjoy great barbeque and great local music. We have worked hard to provide a fun, casual atmosphere for you and your family. We are always making improvements and continuing to adding to our dream. We looked forward to hearing your comments.
How we cook: We start with the best cuts of meat and then use a unique blend of cherry and apple wood in our smoker. This gives our meat a lighter, sweeter flavor. We cook the meat 'low and slow' for up to 15 hour, depending on the cut of meat. All of our barbecue is served naked, with the exception of our glazed chicken. We let you put as much or as little sauce as you like.

World Bar-B-Que is about passion.  Our passion for great food, live music, alcohol, and good friends.
This is our home away from home.  We've tried to combine the best of what we enjoy. Our staff is dedicated to providing a fun atmosphere for you to enjoy. Whether you are looking to have a couple drinks after work, enjoy some fantastic barbeque, or just sit back and listen to some music, this is your new place.


So what makes us different?  We have amazing barbeque from all around the world, a fantastic bar for hanging out with friends or grabbing the latest score, and even though our stage is not the largest, we welcome you to come and enjoy our live shows or jump up and grab the mic on open mic/karaoke night. 



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We smoke all of our meats "low and slow".

"Low and Slow" = tender meat with a tasty bark on the outside and pink ring on the inside.